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New products


Complete Bio-Active!!! Built in light box and thermostat box. Lights and wiring separate from the living area. Sealed base perfect for planted vivarium or bioactive enclosures 48" L x 24" x 24"

5 Stack Baby units.

This 5 stack baby unit will give you 10 enclosures 13" High x 18" Wide x 24" Deep.

Reptile Incubator

Incubator for Dragon or Snake or any Reptile egg, This is a conversion for a wine cooler this unit has 5 shelves and place for nice size water bowl. Price $375.00 + Depending on size.

80 Gal. size 48" long x 24" wide x 18" high

K & M Dragons This would also be great for any large Reptile that you may own.

K & M Dragons New Large 180 Gal. size 69" long x 20" wide x 18" tall

This Enclosure is K & M Dragons Largest size that we have built. We built this for a Snake owner and he just love it and so does his snake.

Double Stack of 50 Gal. size 36" long x 24" wide x 18" tall

K & M Dragons is very happy to offer this Double Stack, these units are built very strong made to Last, for sure a nice pice of furnture you would be very happy with this set up.Built the same as single except has a stacker plate.

15 Gal. Size Custom Enclosure 21" long x 12" wide x 12" tall

K & M Dragons NEW 15 Gal. size enclosure is a Starter Cage or for Smaller Reptiles like Leopard Geckos etc.

50 Gal. Size 36" long x 24" wide x 18" high

Custom Enclosure built with Top Grade Pine with no Knots. Furniture quality that would go great in your living room or den.