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Male cage / Baby cage

Top- Male Cage 18" height x 24" wide x 36" long.

Bottom- Baby Cage same Dim. Two enclousers 18" x 24"

Female Cage 18"x24"x48"

Female Cage for houseing more then one Dragon

18"Tall x 24"Wide x 48"Long



Male Cage 18"x24"x48" Stackers

Bath board inlayed for easy clean up!

Bottom has Bath board also fo easy clean up!


50 Gal size enclosure that we house our Male Beardeds in

36" long x 24" wide x 18" high.

Made with Top grade pine with no knots with removable top

with screen. Heat fixture and UVB fixture fixed into enclosure

so when you take top off lights say put. Also comes with

bottom mat for easy clean up.

Price $275.00 plus shipping and we build to order.

Male cageMale cage